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This supports activities related to the mathematical sciences to address public audiences through training events for early career researchers, public engagement community forum events, and other relevant public engagement activities.

The International Centre for Mathematic Sciences has funding to support activities related to the mathematical sciences to address public audiences.

There is no set format; events could range from a PE session within a larger Maths conference to a stand-alone maths PE event.

The minimum and maximum funds available are unspecified.

There are 3 main categories for activities:

  1. Training Events - Events primarily aimed at early-career researchers, but open to all mathematicians. Specific mathematics Public Engagement training for the next generation of communicators/expositors.
  2. Public Engagement Community Forum Events - Bringing together PE professionals and academics to develop a working group on goals and best practice for the Mathematics Public Engagement Community.
  3. Other Relevant Public Engagement Activities - Activities not covered by 1 or 2, which support the aims of Public Engagement. This option provides scope for new ideas to be developed. It is suggested that if you have an ideas in this area you discuss with the Centre Manager in advance of submitting a proposal.

This is an open rolling call. ICMS will look to respond to applicants within 1 month of submission, earlier where possible.

Click here for full details and to apply