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This national network aims to mobilise the collective experience and skills of this group and supporting their career development. It will provide access to the latest thinking and expertise about engagement policy and practice, offer opportunities for CPD and training, support members to share solutions and problems, and establish peer support mechanisms. During the first year of the network we will also work with members and other to explore options related to accreditation.

For those working at the University seeking to broaden their horizons, this is a good opportunity. The network itself will work via an online platform (based on Slack) as well as providing four meetings a year (in different regions). You're not obliged to attend meetings. There's also a pledges database where you can offer and find offers of help, support, expertise and other things you might find useful.


The network is primarily aimed at public engagement professionals (or PEPs) working in professional services roles in higher education institutions (HEIs) or research institutes across the UK.

Whether public engagement is formally part of their job description or not, this group face a series of common and often unique challenges in working to support or coordinate high quality public engagement within UK higher education institutions or research institutes.

Those working in similar roles in the sector, or those working with HEIs, research institutes or funders to coordinate and support public engagement are also welcome.

So if you're role includes working towards supporting public engagement in your department or unit, then I'd definitely recommend taking a look. It's £50 for a year and will provide further access to training and CPD.

Full information and how to join