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A new series of case studies looking at the public engagement activities and experiences of MPLS researchers at the Curiosity Carnival are being released monthly.

The first in the series features Dr Cedric Tan, researcher in WildCRU (Dept of Zoology), about an interactive play depicting the situation surrounding the death of Cecil the Lion.

Leo the Lion play at Curiosity Carnival

You can read the case study here. Each month a new case study will be released via the Division's monthly newsletter and on this blog.

The aim of these case studies is to help grow awareness of the range of engagement approaches that are possible, show ways that people innovate, describe how they were done, and also convey the varying experiences of researchers, where they've found support and of course - share the lessons they've learnt. We hope they will inspire others to try out new things and get stuck in.

Have you done something you'd like to tell people about? Get in touch, we'd be happy to feature it.