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Read about Laurence's thoughtful and award-winning engagement project merging particle accelerator physics with music for young people.

Dr Laurence Wroe (Physics) combined music and physics in a pioneering workshop titled "Funky Drums and Particle Accelerators" aimed at engaging young people with science.

The project, which won Laurence an award, used funky-shaped drums and 3D printed models to demonstrate the parallels between music and particle physics, making science accessible and interesting.

Laurence's approach was evidence-based, targeting the development of 'science capital' among 11-14 year-olds to inspire future STEM studies. The workshop's success, evidenced by positive feedback from both students and teachers, underscored the importance of practical applications, interactive learning, and showcasing diversity in science.

Laurence's journey highlights the value of supportive mentorship, resource availability, and the application of transferable skills beyond academic research, contributing significantly to his professional growth and the sustainability of the project.

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