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This resource has been created to help researchers do really high quality, thoughtful, inclusive and responsible participatory research. The resource includes key considerations, helpful guidance and inspiring case studies.

Participatory Research Oxford is a broad and ongoing programme of activity to strengthen the ecosystem for participatory research within, across and beyond the University. This website draws together key outputs from this programme’s first phase of activity: case study videos, insights from researchers, and suggestions for further reading to offer ideas, spark reflection and act as an initial springboard to help develop more participatory processes and practices in research.

As a short, introductory guide, whether you're looking to satiate a curiosity about what participatory research is, and how to start going about it, or looking for a refresher, this is a useful guide for any researcher in any discipline to consider how participatory research might be relevant for your work.

The resource has been created by researchers and engagement specialists from the University, and distils insights from in-depth interviews with researchers who have experience and expertise in diverse participatory research collaborations. 

There are four (soon to be five) video case studies, covering examples of participatory research from across each of the University's divisions.

Click here to access the resource