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A total of 21 projects have been funded through the 2020/21 PER Seed Fund, including 2 from MPLS. You can take a look at the funded projects for inspiration and ideas, ready for the next round that will open in Autumn.

This University of Oxford small grants scheme provides funds for researchers to develop, deliver and evaluate Public Engagement with Research (PER) projects and activities.

Find out more about the exciting range of projects funded through this year's PER Seed Fund 2020/21: from podcasts, animations, films, theatre workshops, to social media campaigns and online arts-based workshops.

The 21 funded projects include two from MPLS, congrats to Victoria Green and Prof Martin Booth (Engineering) and Dr Mohammad Farhadinia (Zoology)!

United for Leopards

Dr Mohammad Farhadinia - Zoology

Large carnivores have extensive spatial requirements that extend beyond geopolitical borders. During my DPhil and postdoctoral researches, I found that in 18 out of 23 Asian countries the majority of remaining leopard range is in borderlands, and thus conservation of the species is dependent on transboundary collaboration. In other words, no habitat is left for leopards in the majority of Asian countries. Therefore, it is critical to inform public audience from Asian countries to promote transboundary conservation planning and implementation which is the aim of this project. Three animations will be produced to target specific geographic regions, including the Middle East (in English), central Asia (in Russian), China and Southeast Asia (in Chinese). I will then share those using social media, in partnership with local NGOs. This project will promote the key findings of my research by helping to contribute to it making a difference through growing awareness of public audiences and increasing public pressure on governments to work together. Finally, the project will trigger the UNEP to develop joint action plans, under its Convention of Migratory Species to provide further support for leopard conservation across Asia, which can contribute to improve the REF status for my ongoing research program.

The Human Library

Victoria Green and Prof Martin Booth - Engineering

The Engineering Science Human Library will showcase some of the varied research the department is engaged in and how it impacts on peoples’ day-to-day lives. Participants will be able to search, choose and ‘take out’ human books to learn more about particular engineering topics, about research work in practice and about the researchers themselves. The Human Library will bring university research to life through the eyes of the people involved in day-to-day exploration and invention, looking at how ideas are generated and become real world solutions to some of the biggest problems we are facing today in sustainability, energy and the environment, disaster management, Artificial Intelligence, digital healthcare, biomedical applications and more.


Click here to read more about the funded projects


The PER Seed Fund is supported by the University of Oxford's Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) and Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF).