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The Physiological Society  small outreach grants support projects that increase understanding and awareness of physiology.

Only members of the Physiological Society can apply for these grants.

Funding can be used:

  • To increase understanding and awareness of physiology amongst the non-expert public
  • To increase awareness of the opportunities available to those who pursue physiology in their education
  • To increase engagement with physiology research
  • Support an outreach activity on Physiology Friday

Up to £500 is available.


  1. Have the aims, objectives and target audience of the project been clearly stated? (Out of 3)
  2. How feasible is the project? This should take into consideration planning, timelines, budgets and execution. (Out of 3)
  3. How well does the project align to The Society’s aims? (out of 3)

There is no deadline, applications are assessed monthly.

There are also large grants offering up to £20,000 available.


Full details and application