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The Society for Applied Microbiology invites applications for its public engagement grant. This supports events where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders.

Applications are open to members and non-members of the society. In addition, expert public engagement specialists or science communicators are eligible to apply. Applicants must declare any other funding applied for or received from additional sources.  

The grant is worth up to £4,000.

Applications will be judged against, but not limited to, the following criteria and should demonstrate:

  • that the project is relevant, innovative, microbiology-based and communicates underlying concepts, issues and concerns to the target audience
  • targeting of specific public audiences with clear objectives on how to make an impact on the target audience (cross-disciplinary collaborations are encouraged)
  • evidence of how publicity will be gained to reach the target audience
  • evidence of working with microbiologists to ensure accurate content
  • evidence of realistic monitoring and evaluation
  • cost effectiveness
  • evidence that the applicant has a plan to meet any shortfall in funding not covered by this grant
  • a realistic understanding of health and safety issues.

There is no deadline to apply but events must start at least six weeks after the application is submitted. 

Click here for full details and application