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Up to £5,000 is available to support quick-responses for timely projects e.g., that are responding to unexpected and/or highly significant discoveries, or significantly heightened awareness of the social, cultural, or economic impacts of STFC science and technology.

Reaction Awards are a mechanism to allow the funding of public engagement programmes that are a fast response to new and/or unexpected significant developments related to STFC’s science and technology remit.

Reaction Award applications will propose high quality and extremely timely programmes of public engagement that inspire and involve target audiences with stories of STFC science and technology.

Proposed engagement programmes must clearly focus around the remit of the STFC science programme (astronomy, solar and planetary science, particle physics, particle astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear physics and accelerator science) or clearly and demonstrably align to the science and technology work of STFC’s national and international laboratories and facilities.

Applicants are encouraged to propose novel or innovative approaches towards engagement as part of their Reaction Award, as long as these are demonstrably well-planned.

Applications that propose engagement with audiences considered to have low ‘science capital’ are encouraged. 

Note: they will only consider funding digital content (e.g. websites, videos etc.) as an intrinsic part of a wider engagement programme.

Funding proposals will be considered on a rolling basis.

Full details and application