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FameLab is an international competition on the search for the next best science communicator. The competition is open to early career scientists and engineers, and offers training and great opportunities to develop your skills, connections and profile.

The search for the UK’s next best Science Communicator 2024 has started.

Are you an early careers scientist (social scientist), technologist, engineer or mathematician, are passionate about STEM, and would like to share your work with the world?

Then you might be interested in taking part in FameLab UK, the largest, public facing, science communication competition and training programme in the world.

Contestants have just three minutes to convey a scientific concept of their choice to a global audience and an expert panel of judges. The winner is the speaker who best demonstrates FameLab’s 3 C’s – ContentClarity and Charisma

FameLab is trying to find people who want to talk about their science, not the people who have already shifted into science communication or promotion as a full-time career.

Created by Cheltenham Festivals in 2005 this world leading science communication competition discovers, trains and promotes the best new voices in science (including social sciences), technology and engineering.  

FameLab has been run in over 30 countries across the world together with more than 200 local Partner organisations. This vibrant global network brought together over 40,000 scientists and engineers who are able to engage with international audiences. 

You'll be able to find videos of previous competitions via the link below.

Deadline to apply application is Friday 15 December 2023.

Click here for full details and to apply