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The Oxfordshire Play Association arranges opportunities for families in local communities to explore and play and welcome fun, hands-on science activities that stimulate young peoples' curiosity.

The Oxfordshire Play Association is inviting researchers to bring their interactive, fun science activities to their community play days, taking place across the region this summer.

These events attract thousands of people each year with the opportunity to play, explore and learn. 

Play is vital to children’s physical and mental health and development, and it happens when children and young people follow their own ideas and interests, in their own way, and for their own reasons. Play provides opportunities for social interaction and physical activity, it can reduce children’s stress and promote wellbeing and is a dynamic facilitator of creativity. Importantly, social connection and play offer myriad learning opportunities and positively support children’s academic attainment and learning.

If you have an activity that is suited to or adaptable to young primary aged children and their families, and have a sense of playfulness to them, then you are welcome to attend these events, which are free to be as inclusive as possible.

Participation at events is free, though note you will need to provide your own weather cover, and there is generally no running water or power available on site (click here to see what kit we can loan). If you have budget to provide a contribution to help cover the costs of running the events, it will be very welcome.

Click here to find out more about Oxfordshire Play Association.

Email the OPA play day organisers if you have any questions or would like to take part


Events will be taking place on the following dates:

Saturday 17th June         RAF Benson / Wallingford

Saturday 24th June         Vauxhall Barracks / Didcot

Saturday 1st July              RAF Brize Norton / Carterton

Saturday 8th July              South Abingdon

Saturday 15th July           Northway & Marston (Oxford City)

Wednesday 26th July     Banbury Peoples Park

Thursday 27th July           Eynsham

Tuesday 1st August         Berinsfield

Thursday 3rd August      Witney

Friday 4th August             Faringdon

Wednesday 16th August               Banbury Princess Diana Park

Monday 21st August      Chipping Norton