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The team behind the Nappy Science and Parenting Science gangs have written up their top tips on using social media for public-led engagement - a really interesting read for anyone looking to do rich online science engagement.

Many people are turning to online engagement as way of managing the current restrictions in place as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic. For some this will mean finding ways to communicate online, others may be thinking about how to take co-production or participatory/public-led engagement online.

Thankfully, people have tried this before. A great example of this is the Nappy Science Gang and Parenting Science Gang projects. Both were citizen science projects where the public led the way in identifying questions, taking part in designing, doing research, and grilling researchers - initially on re-usable cloth nappies, and later a much broader parenting project. And both were done using Facebook.


They've written their top tips, covering things like staffing, advisors, tools, reaching under-served audiences and more in the below blogs:

Top tips on running a project like Parenting Science Gang

There's also other posts about various aspects of the project, so a treasure trove of learning well-worth exploring if you're looking to do something similar.

Using Facebook as a venue for public engagement – things we learned from Nappy Science Gang