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Congrats to Julia and Sofia on a successful application to the Departmental Capacity Seed Fund. You can read their project overview here. Applications for this have now closed, but watch this space for news on how this scheme may run in the future.

Project title: "Fostering public engagement within the department of Zoology through podcasting"

This project will build capacity for PER within the Department of Zoology by involving students and staff members in the development of season 2 of the Good Natured podcast. Good Natured is a Conservation Optimism podcast, where listeners can join Julia Migné (Department of Zoology staff member) and Sofia Castelló y Tickell (postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Zoology) for uplifting chats that shine a light on conservation challenges. In each episode, they interview an inspiring conservationist. Their guests come from a variety of backgrounds – artists, scientists, business owners, and activists – and engage with conservation in a variety of ways. The production process will involve Department members as guests and pilot listeners. The project will also include training sessions within the Department around the topic of communication framing and storytelling so that participants feel empowered to conduct PER activities in the future.


You can read the other funded project descriptions by scrolling to the bottom of the PER funding page here