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MuzoAkademy II brings the benefits of music to all people with an interest and appreciation for music, with a particular emphasis on young people, the elderly, those from a lower socioeconomic background, the vulnerable, people with health conditions, people with a disability, neurodivergent people and people with a mental health condition. 

Science Together project: 

Producing a programme to develop life skills based around the 7Cs: Creativity, Confidence, Cooperation, Commitment and Constructive Critical Thinking for participants and assessing the benefits of music and live performance in developing these skills. 


As part of the Science Together programme, University of Oxford researchers and public engagement staff teamed up with the community group MuzoAkademyII for "OxMusic2Gether": to research how free songwriting lessons can affect people's confidence and wellbeing. After an open call to adults in Oxfordshire, a dozen people spent the summer writing music together with Easy and Aldie Chalmers from MuzoAkademyII. To wrap up the project, the participants performed their songs (for some, their first time onstage ever!) in October to enthusiastic audiences at Port Mahon pub. The research team is now analysing the data and we look forward to seeing what comes next for MuzoAkademyII.