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This page gives the content of the nomination form for the Impact Awards.

Please ensure that you have read the scheme guidance thoroughly before completing the form. The information provided should be written with clarity (for a non-specialist assessment panel), and not exceed the prescribed word counts.

Deadline to email Impact Awards applications is Thursday, 25 April 2024

Privacy Notice

Our privacy notice tells you what we are doing with your data and how we will keep it safe. We are processing your application data for the purposes listed in the privacy notice only because you have given us consent to do so by completing and submitting your application.

Please send all queries and nominations to

Nomination for MPLS Impact Awards

Please read the guidance provided before starting the application.

Name of Nominee:

Nominee’s Department:

Nominee(s) SSO User Details:

Name of nominator (if different):

 If suitable, consider if you would like to apply for the Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation and Engagement Award. Support is available if you wish to make a submission. Enquiries to EPSRC IAA.

Impact Category – suggest one category. The final decision on category assigned rests with the MPLS Impact Awards Panel.

  • Commercial Impact
  • Social Impact
  • Policy Impact
  • Early Career Impact
  • Public Engagement with Research Impact

Title of your impact

Will be published and used for award publicity; up to 15 words. Provide a clear description of the impact (rather than the research).

Lay Summary of impact

Up to 150 words; suitable to be published and used for award publicity.

You should briefly describe the impact in a way that would be accessible to the public (you should not include any sensitive information or technical jargon).

Background to underpinning research (200 words)

This section is for a very brief explanation of the research underpinning the impact. Include information on the key research achievement/breakthrough/insight(s) that led to the impact.

Details of the impact achieved, and the relevant evidence (800-1000 words)

Describe the impact realised (or to be realised) and provide supporting evidence for your claim.

  • State what impact was achieved/will be achieved, include information on what you did to achieve success.
  • Where applicable, provide details of other people involved in progressing the impact, and their contribution to the impact.   
  • What problem/challenge did you address? Why it is important? Who are the beneficiaries?
  • Include information on its wider context, such as its importance, number of people affected, market size, its relevance to business/government/society (or a sub-set of society).
  • State when the impact was achieved – approximately (or when anticipated)
  • Provide quantifiable information about the impact where applicable, e.g. this could be, number of people helped, improved health, cost savings, inward investment, profits, company sale, etc.

If this impact has been recognised with other award(s) please note it here, and explain how this submission is significantly different, and/or provide details of significant progress that has been made since then.

Please email the nomination/application to the following email address:

End of nomination/application section


MPLS Division will arrange to send your Impact Award nomination/application to the relevant Head of Department for endorsement.

Endorsement by Head of Department

You are invited to endorse and provide brief comments on applications from your department, prior to applications being assessed by a cross-divisional panel, chaired by Prof Dermot O’Hare, MPLS Associate Head (Industrial Liaison and Innovation).

Departments should email endorsements to by Friday, 3 May 2024

Head of Department [Name]:

Nominee for Impact Award:

Endorsement (mandatory): I endorse the Nominee’s application Yes/No

Space to provide comments:


Please email the endorsed application to Dr Anuj Bhatt (Impact and Innovation Officer, MPLS) at 

Deadline for submitting the endorsement is Friday, 3 May 2024

(will be published and used for award publicity; up to 15 words)

Provide a clear description of the impact in plain English (rather than the research)