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Remit of the scheme

The Fund aims to encourage the development of experimental methods at the boundaries of biological, physical and chemical sciences. Applications that do not clearly involve the development of experimental methods (e.g. applications for basic laboratory running costs, etc.) are unlikely to be competitive. 

Projects will typically be no longer than 12 months.

Support available

Grants from the fund, typically in the range of £500 to £5,000, may support: 

          (1)     Travel and subsistence costs in visiting laboratories in the United Kingdom or overseas;

          (2)     Training courses in experimental techniques;

          (3)     Purchase of small items of equipment;

          (4)     Other relevant purposes, at the discretion of the board of management.


Requests for the following will NOT be supported: 

          (a)     Laptops;

          (b)     Contributions to the cost of large items of equipment;

          (c)     Routine consumables;

          (d)     Attendance at conferences.