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Information and resources for Heads of Teaching

Tutor and students around a computer in a workshop

head of teaching role

‘Head of Teaching’ is a catch-all title used here to describe the person or people in each department with responsibility for recruiting and training graduate students and research staff who deliver undergraduate teaching. There may be more than one person carrying out this role – for example different people responsible for lab demonstrating and class teaching.

 An important part of the Head of Teaching role is to coordinate training for graduate students and research staff who are going to teach on the undergraduate course.  If you are new to this role, your department will provide a hand over to make sure that you have all the information you need. You should make sure that you are clear about:

  • What the role consists of and what your responsibilities are
  • How undergraduate teaching is organised in the department
  • Details of how PLTO training has worked previously in the department – who has delivered it, when and how, and what existing materials are available. There is information about how training in teaching is organised in the division on the Training in Teaching page

If you are not sure who to contact in your department about the hand over, please email

The other pages in this section provide information and resources designed to support you in providing training in teaching skills