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You enjoy research, but writing papers is either scary or just takes too long. You are under pressure to 'get published' in high ranking journals. Pressing commitments mean, however, that you haven't got patches of undisturbed hours in your diary. If you are a scientist, you work with co-authors who need co-ordinating.

Quality Papers provides a process that will help you write with greater speed and confidence,
while increasing the chance of getting published in your target journal. The course gives strategies
for getting the best from your co-authors and streamlining thinking, writing and editing.

This course can run at a level appropriate for participants:

- who are new to writing papers, or

- who have published, but want to reduce writing time and boost success rates.


This course enables participants to:

- build a strategy for selecting a target journal for each paper they want to write,

- learn from existing papers in the journal so that they build appropriately structured first drafts,

- draw from their research to write a message that sums up their findings / ideas,

- combine their message and the journal’s structure to select key content for the paper,

- write quickly and edit with confidence, and create a clear Abstract that aims to increase then number of downloads and citations.


Participants should attend or enrol if they are:

- a postgraduate student about to write their first paper,

- a postdoctoral researcher trying to turn their thesis into papers, 

- an experienced researcher wanting to increase their efficiency when writing papers, or

- a team leader who needs to write quickly and wants to stop being the team’s rate-limiting step.


Participant comments...
“The course exceeded my expectations. It was very clear, informative and useful. The best course I
have ever been on - many thanks.”

“Following the training, I was able to sit down, put fingers to the keyboard and write the report.
The draft met with approval and required little amendment. Many thanks!”


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This course will be delivered online.