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Enterprising Women aims to encourage, inspire and support the participation of female STEM researchers (those who identify as women or non-binary) in innovation and entrepreneurship, through a variety of events and programmes.

RisingWISE: An enterprise course by and for women

RisingWISE is an established Oxbridge network inspired by EnterpriseWISE: designed by women, for women and delivered entirely by women. The programme Directors are Dr Shima Barakat, University of Cambridge and Dr Anne Miller, University of Oxford (for bios please see the 'programme aims and eligibility' section).

Lunch and Learn events: Enterprising Women Podcasts

A series of talks by enterprising and successful women working in STEM

RisingWISE role-models, ambassadors and success stories

Our previous participants are inspiring in ways both big and small and we are proud to share some of their motivating profiles here. Many have made changes since completing the programme and are happy to share their stories to encourage more women working in STEM to step back and realise different pathways are open to them.

Resources and Opportunities

Whether you're an experienced STEM entrepreneur looking to help, or a complete novice looking to learn, you can stay up-to-date with the opportunities available for expanding your network, advice, materials, links to useful entrepreneurial and business networks and any other enterprise-related news. Want to suggest an addition?