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Are you ready to leverage your strengths and develop your leadership skills? Get on board for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

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Are you ready to leverage your strengths to lead authentically?

Our GroWISE Rare Leadership: Leverage Your Strengths Programme enables you to identify your strengths and leverage them in order to develop a strong leadership mindset, make decisions quickly and effectively, positively influence the culture around you, and drive your team's long-term success.

In our collaborative partnership with Creo Incubator (see info below) we can offer you access to a microlearning platform, which guides you through self learning at a time and place that suits you. We then join together for an online masterclass workshop that will give you the chance to clarify learning points, interact with others and learn directly from our speaker, Catherine Gray (see bio below). 

Book here to reserve your place!


Access to microlearning units and platform: from Tuesday 20 February

Interactive masterclass workshop: Tuesday 27 February. 1230-1400. Online. 

Learning content:

  • Identifying the true meaning of a leader.
  • Differentiating between various leadership styles.
  • Analysing case studies of different leadership styles.
  • Distinguishing leadership archetypes.
  • Exploring the importance of body language for leaders.
  • Understanding the differences between leaders and managers.
  • Examining how to use cultural intelligence as a leader.
  • Analysing the importance of authentic leadership and diving into best practices to be your most authentic self.
  • Diving into leadership case studies.

Speaker bio: Catherine Gray

Headshot of speaker Catherine Gray

A key member of the CREO Network of Experts, Catherine Gray is a leadership and organisational coach based in Bristol. Catherine specialises in the Clifton Strengths method, bringing her extensive expertise to a diverse clientele and aiding organisations, teams, and leaders in leveraging their inherent strengths for enhanced performance. Since 2016, her Clifton Strengths-based workshops and training sessions have been instrumental in driving productivity and positive change, especially in high-pressure environments. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Catherine is an avid reader and a community contributor - she cherishes her family life with her husband, two sons, and foster children.

A short synopsis of Creo Incubator and its' link to Oxford:

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Creo Incubator is an educational platform that merges microlearning and gamification to provide innovative skill-building and entrepreneurship training. Aimed at democratising entrepreneurial education, especially for women and underrepresented groups, CREO focuses on practical skills development and emerging technology. Creo Incubator was founded in 2020 by Dr Martine Abboud, a RisingWISE alumna and a former Entrepreneurship & Innovation fellow at the University of Oxford.