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Are you ready to accelerate your skills across decision making, executive presence, cultural intelligence and being an introverted entrepreneur? Get on board for a transformative journey, attainable through a unique interactive microlearning framework with Creo EdTech platform!

Creo Incubator logo

Click here to find out more, register for any of the sessions, or the entire series!

Join us for individual sessions, or the entire 4-part series crafted via innovative user-generated skills development and microlearning framework in partnership with the Creo EdTech platform.

GroWISE Nimble Skills Accelerator enables you to develop practical skills in making decisions with conviction, building executive presence, developing cultural intelligence and leveraging your unique strengths.


Innovative Format:

- 30-minute orientation workshop (online)

- Interactive microlearning that you can access at your own pace

- Four x 1.5 hour user-generated content (UGC) workshops (online) to choose from - or sign-up to all!

To maximise the programme's impact for YOU, you will have the opportunity to submit all your questions ahead of time and have them answered during the workshop. 

Orientation session to introduce the platform (for all, but also recorded for those that cannot attend live)

20 June 12.30-13.00

user generated content Workshops:

Nimble Decision-Making
Tue June 27th 12.30-14.00

Nimble Executive Presence
Tue July 4th 12.30-14.00

Nimble Cultural Intelligence
Tue July 11th 12.30-14.00

Nimble Introverted Entrepreneur, in collaboration with EnSpire
Tue July 18th 12.30-14.00

EnSpire Logo

The University of Oxford’s Entrepreneurship Hub, EnSpire Oxford, is a new initiative that will transform the way in which entrepreneurship is supported across the entire University. EnSpire will coordinate and provide a variety of extra-curricular activities, including experiential learning and networking opportunities, to inspire entrepreneurial mindsets and to equip people with entrepreneurial skill sets. It will also support the early stages of venture creation. EnSpire Oxford aims to create a greater awareness of entrepreneurship within the University, by showcasing what the Oxford entrepreneurial ecosystem can offer aspiring entrepreneurs, with diversity and inclusion at the forefront and embedded within the broad range of activities on offer.

Are you ready to master your personal skills and accelerate your interpersonal growth?

Click here to access the booking link and to find out more detail. Note that you can attend each session individually, or sign up to the entire programme - the choice is yours!

Who will deliver the sessions?

Profile of Martine Abboud

Dr Martine Abboud is the founder of Creo Incubator, an innovative learning platform that combines microlearning and gamification to deliver unique learning experiences in skills and entrepreneurship. With an MBA from Quantic and a PhD from Oxford, Martine has been recognised as a Forbes 30U30 and Lindau-Nobel Laureate Fellowship awardee. Through UGC workshops and corporate training, Martine has helped 2,000+ individuals develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary for success.