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A squiggly career is a career that isn't defined by climbing a ladder but is fluid and can take many different paths. With Dr Sheen Gurrib, we explore how to embrace the new and exciting career paths that will characterize the future of work.

Headshot image of Dr Sheen Gurrib, speaker.

In today's rapidly evolving world, the concept of a linear career path has become increasingly outdated. Instead, a new paradigm has emerged: the squiggly career.

The aim of this session is to inspire you to embrace the fluidity of career trajectories, encouraging you to carve your own unique path towards personal and professional fulfilment.

Sheen’s story serves as a testament to the possibilities that lie beyond the confines of a traditional career trajectory. Her personal journey is a testament to the power of embracing uncertainty, adapting to change, and seizing opportunities that arise along the way.

We will delve into the key principles and strategies that can empower you to thrive in a squiggly career. She will share invaluable insights gleaned from her own experiences, shedding light on the challenges she encountered, the pivotal decisions she made, and the transformative lessons she learned.

Date? Wednesday 06 December

Time? 12.00-14.00. Bring your lunch!

Format? Zoom, online

Booking link

Query? Email Louisa Trevail at: 

Speaker Biography

Dr Sheen Gurrib is a content creator, business coach, tech entrepreneur, consultant, scientist, and a champion for girls’ education.

Originally from Mauritius, she completed a MEng in Materials Science from the University of Oxford and a PhD in spinal research from the University of Cambridge. Following her journey in science, she launched a not-for-profit consultancy ReShape Co. and eventually joined Oliver Wyman in Dubai as a strategy consultant. She is currently working as a Chief Operations Officer of a tech startup based in Dubai, working on business intelligence.

She advises start-ups and creatives on business decisions and strategy. She also founded Project Access for Refugees and gave her first TedX talk on girls’ education in 2021, being the first girl from Mauritius to have gone to both Oxford and Cambridge. She is an adjunct lecturer on the future of technology at Middlesex University in Dubai.

She is the host of the women empowerment podcast Dream, Girl. You can also find Sheen on YouTube and Instagram where she shares tips for professional development and leadership for women worldwide. She has also recently been awarded a fellowship with the UK Royal Society of Arts.