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Menti board from RisingWISE reunion participants 2020 which asks for 'three ways that describe how RisingWISE has made an impact on you. Confidence, community, network and support are the most frequent words used.

As part of our (virtual) reunion, we invited previous participants to think about what key things had resonated for them since attending the RisingWISE programme.

A selection of impact statements:

-          ‘Confidence to embrace uncertainty!’ (Tina, Cambridge)

-          ‘Creating my own business became a more realistic option’ (Lucie, Oxford)

-          ‘Expand my ambitions to work outside of academia’ (Dragana, Cambridge)

-          ‘Created a personal and professional network, helped me be open to more start-ups and business opportunities, and pursue side-projects outside my day to day job’ (Katharina, Cambridge)

-          ‘Helped me think about what I want to achieve and how to achieve it, it’s made me focus my own direction, rather than following the obvious route’ (Julia, Oxford)

-          ‘I’ve started working through and will join an Oxford Innovations pre-incubator cohort to see whether my plan is viable…. I’ve realised that my problem is not that I am not enough for academia, but that academia is not enough for me!’ (Stephanie, Oxford)

-          ‘I took part in an Ideas 2 Impact course with EMBA at the Said Business School. Through RisingWISE I am now talking with the CEO’s of different start-up companies. I am also working with 2 MBA students on shaping the spin out process’ (Liu, Oxford)

-          ‘I have pursued seed funding for a new start-up, increased confidence in my personal and professional life and negotiated a salary increase and more responsibility’ (Michelle, Oxford)