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This programme is open to women in STEM from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, and women from industry partners who have been invited to apply. The programme will take place over 5 days (a mixture of Fridays and Saturdays) to enable those who often find taking time for courses in the working week difficult and to help more women attend.


If you are interested in joining our mailing list for when applications become available again, please email Louisa at: 


As outlined, we will run the programme in a blended format in the future. We believe this will enable an optimum balance between online and in-person:

1.5 days online - Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd January

1 day online - Saturday 12th February 

1 day online - Saturday 5th March 

1.5 days/2nights in-person in Oxford - Friday 25th March and Saturday 26th March (plus morning of Sunday 27th March for travel if from Cambridge)

Programme structure

Over the course of the 5 days, you will be immersed in a programme that will:

  • Provide helpful tools and techniques to help you think through your chosen path
  • Expand your knowledge of industry and collaborative research & development
  • Highlight opportunities beyond academia
  • Create a forum to meet women who are working within industry and academia
  • Develop your networking, mentoring and leadership skills

The course covers five broad themes, building you a successful and strategic toolkit to take-away:

- Personal values and networking

- Value propositions

- Leadership

- Negotiation

- Communicating your ideas


Once you have been offered a place on the programme, you will be asked to confirm by payment of a £50 deposit. The deposit is fully refundable on completion of the course in its' entirety. 

Further information and queries

If you have any questions about the RisingWISE programme, or to express your interest in joining future workshops, please email: