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Hands holding a 3D model of a chemical structure © John Cairns Photography

It’s never too early to start thinking about and planning for the completion stage of your DPhil. However please don’t panic if you are looking at these resources for the first time when you are already in the completion phase! – there is help here to support you whatever stage you are at.

In order to complete your DPhil you need to finish and submit your thesis, and take your Viva Voce examination. See the links below for information and guidance on these. 

The pages on Writing your Thesis and the Preparing for the Viva Exam will help you plan, prepare for, and complete your DPhil.  Have a look too at the Career Development pages to get you thinking about your next steps.

See also:

The Division's Submitting your Thesis page for guidance on writing, structuring and submitting your thesis. 

The Division's Examination and Graduation page for information about the Viva exam, results, graduation, and other important details.

The University's General Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, wich includes information about examination. 

The University's information and guidance on Research Examinations

University forms for the Examination of Research Degrees

Vitae's pages on Completing your Doctorate

Professor David Gavaghan's (Director of the Doctoral Training Centre) presentation: