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You will find comprehensive information and support in these self-access resources. The topics mirror the MPLS Researcher Training programme.  

There are links to further ideas and resources in each topic, but it’s not possible to include everything. You can explore the following sources yourself:

Vitae is a national organisation which supports and promotes the professional development of researchers.

LinkedIn Learning, which is available through the University with your single sign-on. Many of the LinkedIn courses have been mapped to the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). You can download LinkedIn Learning RDF Mapping as an Excel spreadsheet. Contact if this format is not suitable for you.


For first year DPhil students: what you need to know to make an excellent start.

Completing your DPhil.

For research staff: resources to support your work and your career development.

Communication Skills.

Teaching and Learning.

Career Development for Researchers.

Personal Effectiveness - or Taking Ownership.