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Students working with formulae on a chalkboard © John Cairns Photography

Teaching undergraduates is an excellent way to develop a range of skills, contribute to your career development, and support the University’s mission for advancing learning.

If you want to get involved in teaching and develop your teaching skills, this page provides links to information and resources about how teaching is organised in the University, and how you can develop your teaching skills.

Teaching remotely

During the pandemic and while most work is happening remotely, you will find lots of ideas, resources and information to help you with your teaching on the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.

Training in Teaching

Please note that University and MPLS Divisional Policy require you to be trained before you teach.

Training from the MPLS Division

See the Divisional Training in Teaching pages for details on how training is organised, and how you can access it.

Training in your Department

For information about training in your department, please contact your teaching coordinator.

Training from the Central University

The Centre for Teaching and Learning have a very comprehensive range of ideas, resources and information about developing your teaching skills.

Other Resources

Vitae have developed a lens on teaching based on the Researcher Development Framework, which may help you develop your ideas around teaching. 

See also their page and advice on the Role of Teaching in Research

Teaching Opportunities

Unfortunately at divisional level we are unable to provide information about teaching opportunities. The best ways to find teaching openings are:

  • Speak to your department’s  Director of Undergraduate Studies, Undergraduate Studies Secretary or teaching coordinator
  • Look for for college vacancies
  • See the University Gazette
  • In general, ask around your networks and other people you know for advice and ideas

How Undergraduate Teaching is Organised

If you are new to teaching at Oxford, you will find it useful to find out more about how undergraduate teaching is organised.






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