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Terms of reference

i. To scrutinise departmental budgets, forecasts and budget recovery plans and advise the Head of Division and the General Purposes Committee and monitor progress of work;

ii. To ensure good financial practice across the Division;

iii. To promote work on cost-savings and value for money initiatives;

iv. To consider the means by which the division’s financial position may be enhanced, improvements made to finance practices and procedures and greater efficiencies realised. Make recommendations to the General Purposes Committee.



i. The Associate Head of Division (Planning and Resources) (ex officio);

ii. — iii. Two departmental administrators from within the division;

iv. Divisional Financial Controller (ex officio)

v.-vi. Up to two further members to be co-opted for one year.

The committee will normally meet twice each term and will be chaired by the Associate Head of Division. Members will serve for three years and may be reappointed.


Last updated: 02/12/14