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Terms of Reference

Planning and Resource Allocation

i.   To assist the units in the development of strategic plans and annual budgets, and financial forecasts, which will cover academic, financial, IT, equipment, space and staffing issues;

ii.   On the basis of these plans and forecasts, to prepare the Division’s costed short and medium-term plans;

iii.  To monitor the activity of units against plans and budgets;

iv.   To make arrangements for the periodic review of units;

v.    To keep under review external funding initiatives;

vi.   To keep under review all aspects of capital master planning in support of the Division’s estate needs

vii.  To keep under review the Divisional Risk Register and report on risk management issues and health and safety matters, including the sharing of good practice;

viii.  To keep under review divisional initiatives in relation to equality and diversity objectives, including progress with Athena Swan action plans and renewal of awards


ix.   To approve on behalf of the Board recommendations from units for the appointment and reappointment of academic staff;

x.    To approve on behalf of the Board recommendations from units for college association with new and vacant posts;

xi.   To approve on behalf of the Board proposals from units for sabbatical leave, dispensation from lecturing, and unpaid leave;

xii.  To approve on behalf of the Board proposals from units for the payment of salaries within the incremental scale for associate professors;

xiii.  To make recommendations to the Board in respect of arrangements for the consideration of conferment of titles of distinction, conferment of the title of Associate Professor, for merit pay exercises;

xiv.  To recommend to the Board arrangements for academic staff development

xv.   To advise the Board on general policy issues affecting the terms of employment of academic staff

Research and Innovation

xvi.  To promote research and innovation initiatives within the Division and inter-divisionally;

xvii. To develop and maintain contacts with funding agencies;

xviii. To alert units to funding opportunities, especially in respect of interdisciplinary projects;

xix.   To have oversight of research performance across the Division and facilities for research within the division, especially in the context of the REF;

xx.    To assist the Divisional Board in contributing to the University’s overall policy on research, and its research and innovation strategies.




  • Head of Division (chair)
  • Head of the Department of Biology
  • Head of the Department of Chemistry
  • Head of the Department of Computer Science
  • Head of the Department of Earth Sciences
  • Head of the Department of Engineering Science
  • Head of the Department of Materials
  • Head of the Mathematical Institute
  • Head of the Department of Physics
  • Head of the Department of Statistics

Secretary: Divisional Registrar

In attendance: Associate Heads of Division