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For more information about the ICT Panel contact Elizabeth Peachey.



  • Chair: Keith Gillow
  • BSP IT representative: Ben Roeves
  • Chemistry IT representative: Karl Harrison
  • Computer Science IT representative: Alfonso Gazo
  • DTC IT representative: Eoin Malins
  • Earth Sciences Academic representative: Richard Katz
  • Earth Sciences IT representative: Stephen Usher
  • Engineering Science Academic representative: David de Roure
  • Engineering Science IT representative: Maria Huff
  • Materials IT representative: Paul Warren
  • Maths IT representative: Keith Gillow
  • Physics Academic representative: Pedro Ferreira
  • Physics IT representative: Pete Gronbech
  • Plant Sciences IT representative: Tom King
  • Statistics IT representative: Stuart McRobert
  • Zoology IT representative: Simon Ellis
  • IT Services representative: Dave Smith
  • MPLS JISAG representative: Mike Woolridge
  • InfoSec Head or representative: Marko Jung
  • Member of University IT Committee: David de Roure