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The group meets on a termly basis.

For more information about the Impact and Innovation Committee contact contact Anuj Bhatt.


Members (2021-22):

  • Ex officio Chair: Associate Head (ILI): Dermot O'Hare
  • Ex officio: Head of Division: Sam Howison
  • Ex officio: Associate Head (Research): Laura Herz
  • Ex officio: Champion for Public Engagement with Research: Nick Hawes
  • Three MPLS HoDs or their nominees: Jeroen Bergmann; Harish Bhaskaran; Tom Melham
  • Up to two co-opted members: Sunetra Gupta
  • Director, Begbroke Science Park: Alistair Cory
  • Head, Innovation and Business Partnerships Team: Chris Jones
  • MPLS Research Facilitator: Louise Bristow
  • Head of Research Services or nominee: Dan Blakey
  • Director of Innovation & Engagement, Research Services: Phil Clare
  • Head of Licensing & Ventures, OUI: Brendan Ludden