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The committee’s duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  1. To capture Division’s strategy on Innovation and Impact, and Public Engagement with Research.
  2. To support MPLS GPC in overseeing the Division’s Innovation Strategy, making recommendations to Board and other divisional groups as appropriate.
  3. To serve as a forum in which information can be shared and discussed across the different units that operate in the innovation space, shaping arising actions though input from academic representatives of the MPLS research base.
  4. To share best practice on engagement with industry and other external organisations, and wider non-specialist audiences.
  5. To support the Innovation and Business Partnerships team to develop their approach to facilitating interdisciplinary and cross-departmental relationships with industry and to build capacity for industrial engagement.
  6. To encourage greater collaboration on impact and innovation activities across the University, as may be relevant to MPLS.
  7. Coordination of externally-funded innovation activities, including but not limited to: Higher Education Innovation Fund, and Connecting Capability Fund, and oversight of EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account activities.

The Committee will not have operational or budgetary responsibilities for the Begbroke site; these responsibilities currently reside with the division.

The Committee will meet on a termly basis, and report to the Divisional Board through the General Purposes Committee.


Ex officio members

Associate Head (Industrial Liaison & Innovation) – Chair

Head of Division

Associate Head (Research)

Academic Champion for Public Engagement with Research


Three MPLS Heads of Department or their nominees

One MPLS Research Facilitator

Up to two co-opted members

Director, Begbroke Science Park

Head of the Innovation and Business Partnerships team

Head of Research Services (Science Area)

Deputy Director, Research Services (Knowledge Exchange and Engagement)

Head of Licensing and Ventures (Physical Sciences), OUI


Sept 2023