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The Academic Appointments Office deals with the divisional aspects of processes relating to MPLS academic appointments.

The Divisional office has responsibility for the management of administrative procedures and processes relating to all academic appointments in the Division e.g. recruitment, initial period review, re-appointment (i.e. tenure), retirement, sabbatical and other leave for ‘joint appointments’ (i.e. entitled posts involving a college of association, such as Associate Professorships and Statutory Professorships). The academic appointments office supports departments in the processes that apply for academic appointments and liaises with colleges and University bodies as needed. The academic appointments team also supports personnel matters in relation to some other academic-related posts, particularly RSIV senior research posts.


Academic HR Officer - Dr Gwen Booth

Recruitment to academic posts (new posts and refillings) including professorial appointments; non-standard cases; college association; review of job descriptions and selection criteria; recognition of distinction exercises, professorial merit pay and other merit exercises for academic staff; recruitment protocol and headcount control business. Providing advice and guidance to heads of department, departmental administrators and HR officers on all aspects of academic appointments.


Academic Appointments Officer - Mrs Polly Bunce

Responsibility for administrative processes underpinning academic appointments including: drafting of contracts; new starters; resignations and retirements; sabbatical, maternity, paternity and other leave; changes to salaries or additional payments; mid-period and final review of initial periods of appointment; visiting professors; maintenance of records.

Appointing Academic Staff

Information about approval processes for posts and about recruiting and appointing academic staff can be found here.

AWARD OF TITLES and professorial merit pay

Information about the award of titles and salary enhancement can be found here.


Information about processes for academic staff in post such as review processes, sabbatical  etc. can be found here.