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The Royal Society is offering training opportunity designed to enhance your ability to promote yourself and effectively communicate the value of your work. This training is available to Royal Society, British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, or Academy of Medical Sciences funded researchers.

Date: Wednesday, 29th November 2023

Time: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Royal Society Building, London

This full-day training course will be conducted in an interactive and participatory style, fostering a rich learning environment.

This training opportunity is open to Royal Society-funded researchers, as well as researchers funded by the British Academy, Royal Academy of Engineering, or Academy of Medical Sciences.

It consists of two main sections:

1. Promoting Yourself:

This section focuses on building meaningful relationships that benefit your career. You will learn to tailor your networking activities to your unique working style, ensuring that you create connections that lead to positive personal and career outcomes. Case studies of successful researchers who have established professional and public profiles will be explored, giving you insights into how you can become a valuable addition to others' networks.

2. Communicating the Value of Your Work:

This section is designed to enhance your ability to convey your research effectively through in-person presentations. You will systematically improve your presentation skills, learn to create presentations suitable for different audiences, and explore techniques for impactful information design and storytelling.

The course is delivered by Dr. Steve Cross, a distinguished freelance public engagement consultant and Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow.

The Royal Society also offers its researchers training on:


Click here for full details and to apply for ‘Promoting Yourself and Communicating the Value of Your Work’ training