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This free event from the Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) will familiarise you with effective survey design for evaluating impact, whilst minimising respondent burden.

Where: Online

When: 29 May, 2-3.30pm (UK time)

Cost: Free

Host: Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN)

Evaluating policy engagement and impact is notoriously complex - policy impact can be diffuse and hard to track. Surveys are one tool for collecting quantitative and qualitative data on the impact and efficacy of a programme or piece of research, but many people find these just plain painful.

The aim of this event is to familiarise the audience with how to design effective surveys that evaluate the impact of their work while placing minimum response burden on respondents, as well as how to analyse and interpret the survey responses.

Topics will include:

  • determining survey objectives and deliverables;
  • choosing the right platform and analysis tools;
  • crafting questions;
  • conducting analysis;
  • visualising and telling a story with your data.

The training will feature lecture content, worked examples in Excel, group discussion and Q&A.

This session is ideal for anyone who has to do monitoring, evaluation or KPI (key performance indicator) tracking as part of their work and is specifically designed for people who may not be familiar with statistical processes or platforms.

Click here for full details and to register