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The Conversation is an independent source of news analysis and expert comment. They have created a series of new training courses to help academics write for The Conversation.

The Conversation is an independent source of news analysis and expert comment written by academic experts, working with professional journalists who help share their knowledge with the world

They have recently launched four new online, self-paced short courses that cover how to pitch and write for The Conversation and reach non-academic audiences:

  • The Conversation: who we are and how we work with academics
  • How to write for The Conversation
  • How to pitch to The Conversation
  • Writing for Insights (their longer-form articles)

Each course is made up of a series of short videos with practical tips and insights that you can come back to as and when, and in whatever order you like.

As the University is a member of The Conversation, all researchers (including DPhils) are eligible to access the training.

Click here to access the training