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The popular science festival will take place 4-6 June 2024, and is inviting expressions of interest to host a range of events or to have a stall in one of their interactive zones.

Cheltenham Science Festival is an annual event that features the participation of leading scientists, futurologists and thought-leaders from around the world to help us understand the complexities of the world we live in.

They are inviting anyone with ideas and proposals for shows, workshops or panel events that could be included in next year's festival program to get in touch. Whether you have a full developed proposal or just an initial idea, you're encouraged to submit it.

In addition to the ticketed activities, the previous year's festival also featured VOICEBOX, a free digital content series, and numerous free family activities on-site; they aim to make science accessible, entertaining and thought-provoking for all attendees.

Click here to submit an idea for a stand in their interactive zone - no advertised deadline

Please note, there is usually a cost associated in having a stand in their interactive zones.

They have three interactive zones at the Cheltenham Science Festival, one themed around cyber/cyber security (The Arcade), one around making as an way into STEM (The MakerShack), and one around all the sciences (The Discover Zone).

Click here to submit an idea for Shows, Panel Events, Performances or Workshops  - deadline 1 October

Click here to read more about Cheltenham Science Festival