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We're looking for physicists to take part in the popular online engagement activity in March. We'd especially like to hear from physicists in unexpected places.


Support school students to see how physics permeates everything! In March 2023, support school students to see physics as ‘for them’ with I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here!

The MPLS Division and Dept of Physics are supporting the I’m a Scientist… Physics Zone. 

Up to 10 University of Oxford researchers and support staff will have the opportunity to connect with secondary school students from across the UK.

We’re looking for physicists regardless of what department you work in. By physicist we mean anyone who studied physics post-16 and use it today in research or to support research. We’re especially interested in people who use physics in unexpected places.

Show school students how physics research is current and ever-evolving. Connect with classes in live text-based Chats and answer their follow-up questions.

Participating scientists have reported improved communication skills, and increased confidence in public engagement.

I’m a Scientist was a good training lesson in spotting the jargon and technical language in my communication … now when I go to do face to face outreach, I feel more equipped.” - Euan Allen, PhD student

No audio or video kit is required, just an internet connection and a web browser. Taking part is flexible: take part at the times that suit you, with a suggested minimum commitment of at least 1 hour per week across the 4-week activity.

Please note, if you are a galaxy researcher, please consider supporting the STFC funded project Zooniverse in schools (Click here to find out more about Zooniverse in Schools), which gives young people the opportunity to investigate galaxies and talk to you about their discoveries on the I’m a Scientist platform.

Click here to find out more, and apply to take part

The Physics Zone is funded by UKRI and STEM Ambassadors.