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Science Together: Oxford Researchers and Communities is a new programme that explores what challenges can be overcome or opportunities seized by local community groups when they are given access to the world class skills, knowledge and resources of our researchers. We work closely with community groups on projects which are important to them.

Science Together: Oxford Researchers and Communities – Join Us!

Are you interested in using your research and public engagement skills to support local communities? Do you want to develop new skills and gain unique perspectives? Would you like to seek innovative solutions to societal challenges through collaboration? If so, then apply now to be part of our community engagement programme!

Science Together 2023–2024

Science Together 2023–24 is underway! Find out more about the seven new community-led projects.

Science Together Legacy Partners

Since the programme launched in 2021, Science Together has fostered collaborations with more than 15 community partners from across Oxfordshire. Over 50 researchers and 30 public engagement facilitators from the University of Oxford and Oxford Brookes have actively contributed to this initiative. This year, the programme welcomes the addition of seven new community partners, alongside the enthusiastic participation of newly engaged researchers and public engagement facilitators.