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Where to find support for planning and delivering projects

Support available 1

Michaela Livingstone is the Division's Public Engagement Facilitator and can provide advice and support on a one-on-one basis:

  • To act as a sounding board to help you develop engagement activity ideas
  • To advise on identifying relevant funding schemes, and writing of funding proposals, including the Pathways to Impact sections of research proposals
  • To provide feedback and coaching on writing, speaking and engaging with public audiences
  • To advise on engagement strategy for departments and units
  • To broker partnerships
Michaela holds one-to-one clinics every Tuesday afternoon, 2-3.30pm, at the MPLS Division Office (9 Parks Road). To book a slot, simply email

Before you get in touch

Have you been to one of our training sessions? Please only get in touch if you're after specific support, or have already attended a session and are looking to develop your understanding and skills.
Have you had a look at the University's Public Engagement with Research Portal?
If you're looking for an introduction to Public Engagement with Research you might find the below videos helpful.
What is Public Engagement?

How to Plan Quality Public Engagement with Research