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Leadership in Action provides the opportunity to practise leadership skills in a safe environment. It is action-based with a minimal amount of theoretical input.

Course Details

King's College London have updated the original in-person course to run online over nine half days, and makes places available to a range of institutions including Oxford.

This means that you will have the opportunity to meet and work with researchers from other institutions and disciplines.

During the course participants undertake different activities in groups, with each person having the opportunity to lead an activity. While there are some input sessions each day, most of the course consists of group activities.

You will be supported in your learning by experienced coaches who will offer insights into how you operate in a leadership role. You will also work in a coaching partnerships with a course colleague to gain more personal insights and practice your coaching skills.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Consider what leadership is and means.

  • Identify a range of leadership styles and approaches, and how they impact others.

  • Identify their own preferred leadership approach.

  • Start developing new leadership approaches.

  • Practice leading in different situations.

Intended for

Research Staff.


‘Interactive and activity-based course, very supportive and engaging atmosphere’

‘I learnt a lot more from failing, being in a safe space where you can mess up’

' A confidence-boosting course which facilitates the development of practical leadership skills'


09.00 - 12.30 | 21st February 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 22nd February 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 23rd February 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 28th February 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 1st March 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 2nd March 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 6th March 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 7th March 2024

09.00 - 12.30 | 8th March 2024

Please note that this course is highly participative and fast paced. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this with the course team before applying for a place, please contact us on 


There are six places available for researchers from MPLS and Medical Sciences.