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SeedWISE is an enterprise programme born out of the success and demand for our flagship enterprise programme for women* postdocs; RisingWISE.

Specifically aimed at women DPhil students, we have taken the core RisingWISE aims and tailored the course for women* at this important stage in their STEM careers. The programme’s purpose is to illuminate potential industrial and enterprise career routes for women DPhil students. These routes will include working in or with as part of a collaboration from an academic setting large scale industrial settings, SMEs and micro businesses. The 7-week programme will be delivered using a blended learning method chosen to fit in with researchers’ busy lives but also allowing the crucial networking and space to provide peer support.


Please note that you will be enrolled on the course in its entirety, so will need to commit to all the sessions.

Tuesday 9 May 14.00-17.00 in-person kick-off! (Careers Service, Banbury Rd)

Tuesday 16 May

16.00-17.30 online

Tuesday 23 May 16.00-17.30 online
Tuesday 30 May 16.00-17.30 online
Tuesday 6 June 16.00-17.30 online
Tuesday 13 June 14.00-17.00 in-person wrap-up! (Careers Service, Banbury Rd)


SeedWISE is a blended learning programme. That means we will meet face-to-face (virtually and in-person in this instance) to work together and then in between sessions we have further resources for you to explore the topics.

Our fun, interactive face-to-face sessions will involve a mixture of speakers who have gone onto a variety of careers, group work and action learning sets. The latter is an amazing way to develop yourself and help clarify your thinking on the subject. You will be working in small groups of 4 or 5. Each person has 15 minutes ‘air time’ to present their thoughts on the topic and ask the group for help. It is a powerful way to learn as you get help but also learn from the advice to other people. Our initial and final meetings will be 3 hours long (with breaks) and the sessions in between will be 90 minutes. All of the online sessions will be held over Zoom, along with two extended in-person sessions to meet, connect, network and start/end the programme together. 

Our further resources are there for you to look at between sessions on Canvas. There are video lessons, exercises and further information for those who want to delve deeper. We anticipate this will take you no more than an hour a week. There are chats to interact with the other women on the course and a way to chart your progress through the material.

You will be part of a cohort of likeminded women DPhil students and we really do hope to build a sense of community with the group. Our session will be fun, lively and interactive and we are hoping to get everyone together towards the end of the programme if guidelines allow.

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Summary of Training Terms & Conditions

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