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The MPLS Enterprise and Innovation Fellows represent and liaise with MPLS research staff (research only contract), supporting the development of our enterprise ecosystem among fellow researchers, at postgraduate and post-doctoral levels and providing an evidence base for our enterprise training provision.

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Now inviting applications

This is a new opportunity to join our team of MPLS Enterprise and Innovation Fellows, to represent and liaise with MPLS research staff and support fellow researchers to explore and engage with the thriving and growing Enterprise culture across Oxford.

 To apply:  Send your CV and a 250 word statement of why you are interested in applying for this role and the particular strengths and capabilities that you will bring to it, to Anne Miller, MPLS Enterprise Programme Manager  by 30th January at 5pm.

The focus of these Fellowships is for MPLS research staff (research only contract) to provide an evidence base for our enterprise training provision, supporting the division in developing a vibrant enterprise and innovation ecosystem for researchers, from postgraduates to postdocs and early career academics.  

The role involves the following responsibilities:

  • Building on the experience and initiatives developed by previous cohorts of MPLS Enterprise Fellows in delivering an enterprise development programme tailored for research staff
  • Convening on-line and face to face shared practice opportunities for researchers to come together to discuss their experiences of participating in different elements of the Oxford enterprise and innovation ecosystem, of starting up new ventures, and the issues that arise with this.
  • Liaison with the wider University's Enterprise programmes and activities, including IDEA (Increasing Diversity in Enterprising Activities) and the various incubators and accelerators, especially those at Begbroke, Old Road and Osney, in order to foster development of more opportunities for researchers to develop their skills and experience of commercial and enterprising routes to impact.
  • Cascading relevant information to and from research staff about the MPLS Enterprise programme and its partners in delivery, including OUI, EnSpire Oxford and the Entrepreneurship Centre at SBS.

In return for the activities listed above the MPLS E&I Fellow will receive an honorarium of £1000 (payable in 2 instalments) which will be available in a departmental cost code to be used on their personal and professional development. A small resource fund to support engagement activity may also be available to support projects. Achievements as an MPLS E&I Fellow can be used as evidence of academic citizenship, community building and networking in future job applications.


  • Have an awareness and some experience of the MPLS Enterprise programme and opportunities available through the EnSpire Oxford network to support the career development of Researchers


  • Ideally the person will have been on some of courses/ programmes/ internships offered through the MPLS Enterprise programme or its partners, and also those offered outside the UoO. A commitment to supporting the development of enterprising researcher skills and experiences, and to sharing opportunities with other researchers is the most important consideration


  • Be proactive in identifying ways to improve communication with research staff/postdocs
  • Be able to communicate effectively with diverse groups of people from different disciplines
  • Listen, without prejudice, to opinions, identifying and articulating options and potential new initiatives to put to the Enterprise team in MPLS

Time commitment: maximum time commitment is approximately 37hrs (roughly 5 working days per year. This will depend upon the mechanisms used for liaising with the research staff community