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Connecting with Industry

Programme Overview

A new and interactive programme delivered in person over two full day sessions 27-28th June 2023, giving Post graduate and Post doctoral researchers a working knowledge of critical business issues that impact commercial organisations.

Do you want to build better, more valuable relationships with people, companies and organisations who could benefit from your expertise?  Perhaps you’d like a career outside of academia, or you want to increase the impact of your research or find new funding opportunities. Connecting with Industry is a 2-day interactive training programme that helps you develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage with industry in a way that will help you achieve your next-step career goals.   

 The Programme

Connecting with Industry is a dynamic programme that provides you with tools and frameworks, allows you to practice what you learn with your peers and encourages you to apply the new skills to your personal situation. Over the 2 days you will:

  • Explore challenges associated with connecting & communicating with industry.
  • Learn & apply strategies for overcoming these challenges.
  • Identify companies or organisations likely to value your skills knowledge & expertise.
  • Learn & apply frameworks for understanding industry and their challenges.
  • Learn & apply techniques for discovering and creating opportunities with businesses.
  • Increase your fluency in the “language of business”.
  • Translate your expertise into impactful industry-centric communication.
  • Learn a powerful method for ensuring your communication is always highly relevant.
  • Identify strategies for defining and strengthening your personal brand.
  • Create a strategic networking plan designed to help you achieve your next-step career goals.    

The programme runs over 2 days and leverages the power of experiential learning. It combines the delivery of brief lecture-style content, case studies, multi-media learning tools, interactive exercises and application activities. The programme runs for 2 days, starting at 9:00 and finishing at 5.00pm, with a 45-minute break for lunch, with multiple breaks throughout the day.


27th June 2023 - 09.00-17.00

28th June 2023 - 09.00-17.00

Delivery: by Skillfluence and industry partners

Begbroke Science Park. 


Limited spaces available.