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Connecting with Industry

Programme Overview

Connecting with Industry is designed to help give PhD students (and other postgraduates) the confidence, tools and skills to help them more effectively engage with and work with industry. Using case studies we’ll highlight the importance of your expertise to the commercial world and show practical ways and examples of how researchers can engage with companies.  Throughout the programme you have the opportunity to work with your peers in a group setting, explore key concepts independently and apply new skills and tools to your current situation.

The programme is organised into 6 modules, run on weekly cycles over 6 weeks. Each module includes self-study elements, and a live weekly on-line workshop with peers on Tuesday afternoons, plus application activities. Below is an overview of the key topic areas covered in the programme.


Exploring Opportunities in Industry

Learn what it takes to successfully transition to a career in industry. Consider a range of career paths based on your skills, values and interests; learn what it’s like to work in industry and understand more fully what it takes to get your “dream job”.

Discovering Where You Add Value in Industry

Explore challenges, problems and opportunities facing a specific industry. Work to connect-the-dots between these issues and your research, skills and interests, helping you discover opportunities for how you can add value in industry. 

Speaking the Language of Business

Learn key business frameworks and terminology, enabling you to more effectively speak “the language of business”. This will help you engage more confidently with businesses, translating your research and academic experience in a way that is relevant to businesses. 

Communicating your Value to Industry

Learn how to develop clear and impactful communication that articulates to business and industry how you can add value. As a result, you’ll feel more confident and motivated to pro-actively engage with industry and businesses.

Positioning Yourself as an Expert to Industry

You’re provided with a roadmap for how to become recognised by industry as an “expert”. Learn to take a strategic approach to presenting yourself to industry and identify specific actions to establish expert status in the mind of industry.

Building Meaningful Relationships with Industry

Apply a framework for thinking strategically about growing and nurturing professional relationships. Consider your goals and develop a plan to pro-actively develop relationships in a way that helps you deliver greater impact.


For more information or any queries please contact Anne Miller.