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The Steering Group has a formal meeting once every term on the Friday of Week Three of Full Term, and one informal meeting once every term on the Friday of Week Six of Full Term to discuss specific topics or themes in greater detail.

For more information about the committee contact contact Daisy Hung.


Members (2021-22):

Chair: Prof Matt Jarvis

Secretary: Daisy Hung

Department leads

  • Biology: Prof Rosalind Harding and Prof Claudio Sillero
  • Chemistry: Prof Stephen Faulkner
  • Computer Science: Prof David Kay
  • Earth Sciences: Prof Tarje Nissen-Meyer
  • Engineering: Prof Janet Pierrehumbert and Jarlath Brine
  • Materials: Prof Lapo Bogani
  • Maths: Prof Renaud Lambiotte
  • Physics: Prof Sonia Contera
  • Statistics: Mareli Grady and Prof Garrett Morris
  • Begbroke Science Park: Alistair Cory

MPLS Student representative: Rebecca Colquhoun

Equality and Diversity Unit representative: Adrienne Hopkins


MPLS ED&I Fellows

  • Kara Allum: Mathematical Institute
  • Kristina Correa: Department of Statistics
  • Elizabeth Crowley: Department of Earth Sciences
  • Phoebe Griffith: Department of Biology
  • Ginger Jansen: Mathematical Institute
  • Tika Malla: Department of Chemistry
  • Dr Alex Ramadan: Department of Physics
  • Namrata Ramesh: Department of Materials
  • Lauren Rudd: Department of Biology
  • Tim G. J. Rudner: Department of Computer Science
  • Olivia Simpson: MPLS Doctoral Training Centre
  • Sierra Sparks: Department of Engineering Science