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Terms of reference and membership of the steering group.

The steering group meets once every term on the Friday of Week Four of Full Term.

For more information about the committee contact contact Daisy Hung.


Chair: Prof Matt Jarvis

Secretary: Daisy Hung


Department leads

  • Chemistry: Prof Stephen Faulkner
  • Computer Science: Prof Andrew Martin
  • Earth Sciences: Prof Tarje Nissen-Meyer
  • Engineering: Prof Janet Pierrehumbert
  • Materials: Prof Lapo Bogani
  • Maths: Prof Renaud Lambiotte
  • Physics: Prof Sonia Contera
  • Plants: Prof Robert Scotland
  • Statistics: Beverley Lane
  • Zoology: Prof Ashleigh Griffin and Prof Claudio Sillero

Administrator representatives

  • Dr Jeannie Scott, Zoology
  • Alistair Cory, Begbroke

Student representative: Rebecca Colquhoun

Equality and Diversity Unit representative: EDU team member


ED&I Fellows

  • Abdul Abdulrahim
  • Gwen Antell
  • Dr Maria Christodoulou
  • Shazeaa Ishmael
  • Ndidi Iwumene
  • Aym Maidment
  • Geoffrey Mboya
  • Dr Izzi Floyd Mear
  • Dr Lucy Taylor
  • Dr Aprajita Verma