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The University has a commitment to reduce undergraduate attainment gaps by gender, ethnic origin and disability:

  • to halve the gap in attainment rates (First and Upper Second awards) for black students to 6% by 2024-25.
  • to eliminate the gap in attainment rates (First and Upper Second awards) for disabled students by 2024-25.
  • to halve the female to male gap in attainment rates at First award by 2024-25 and to eliminate the gap by 2030.

We are interested in how we can diversify STEM assessment to support an academic environment conducive to the equality of attainment opportunity.

We will understand our challenges and facilitate debate, discussion and exploration around many issues such as understanding attainment in light of current summative assessment policy and asking about the ways and levels at which students can demonstrate learning to fulfil their potential and achieve attainment.

We aspire to be an active community for staff and students, to give a voice to those who realise assessment and learning differently.  We aim to be lively in our debate and promote critical discussion to inform and shape our inclusive assessment practices. 

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