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The University has a commitment to offer an excellent experience for all our students and to ensure that Oxford fully equips our students to excel in whatever they choose to do.

We are interested in how we sustain and build on the delivery of a flexible and inclusive approach to lab, skills-based and experiential teaching so that it is fit for STEM subjects and the needs of our student populations to support all taught students with the physical exploration of science - including in a modern digital learning environment.

We will understand our challenges and facilitate debate, discussion and exploration around many issues such as understanding how we creatively support students with experiential learning, including technological ways in which we have adapted skills-led teaching techniques during the pandemic.

We aspire to be an active community for staff and students, to give a voice to those who realise lab and skills-led teaching differently.  We aim to be lively in our debate and promote critical discussion to inform and shape our experiential teaching practices.

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