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Proposed actions

Success measures



Progress update

Increase neurodiversity awareness through a variety of activities, including training sessions  


(Medium Term)

First year: Schedule varied and educational events, training sessions etc. 

Second year: Increase in audience numbers for events. 

Third year: Surveying feedback from neurodivergent community, and adapting future events appropriately. 

Talks and sessions discussing neurodivergence and resources/ support within the University to be shared at regular intervals.  

Increased awareness on neurodivergence and how we can create a more inclusive environment. 

Implement and deliver through academic year 22/23, with a full review of progress to be undertaken in MT22. 

Will remain linked with Disability actions but needs to directly address neurodivergence. 

[Updated Sept 22] Intro to neurodiversity awareness session held in September 21. Resources shared in December 21 for Disability History Month and neurodivergence awareness training provided as part of Mental Health Awareness Week and wider ED&I training programme. 

Support Faculty of English Neurodiversity at Oxford project (Medium Term) 

Develop an educational / awareness raising approach to neurodivergence to sit alongside the Neurodiversity at Oxford project – including training sessions, awareness talks and other similar activities. 

Provide comms and similar support to NaO to help amplify their work and progress.  

Increased awareness and understanding of neurodivergence within MPLS. 

A successful programme of activity relating to neurodiversity. 

Increased and sustained MPLS engagement with NaO project. 

Implement and deliver through academic year 22/23. 

Important to work in support of this Project. 

Updated Sept 22] Comms from Neurodiversity at Oxford project regularly included in MPLS ED&I comms updates.