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Terms of reference and membership of the steering group are here.

The steering group meets once every term on the Wednesday of Week Four of Full Term at 1pm.

The secretary to the committee is Daisy Hung.

Current membership of the steering group:

  • Chair: Prof Helen Byrne (Mathematical Institute)
  • Chemistry: Rosie Mortimer, Department Administrator
  • Computer Science: Laura Jones, HR Manager
  • Earth Sciences: Prof Heather Bouman
  • Engineering: Prof Ronald Roy
  • Materials: Tom Lake, HR Manager
  • Mathematics/Computer Science: Prof Ursula Martin
  • Physics: Prof Niranjan Thatte
  • Plants: Dr Roni McGowan, Department Administrator
  • Statistics: Beverley Lane, Administrative and Personal Assistant
  • Zoology: Prof Theresa Burt de Perera

In attendance:

  • Equality and Diversity Unit: Adrienne Hopkins
  • Medical Sciences Division: Dr Tanya Baldwin