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A new and interactive on-line programme delivered over 6 Thursday afternoon sessions, starting on 11th June 2020, giving Post graduate and Post doctoral researchers a working knowledge of critical business issues that impact commercial organisations.

Designed to provide researchers with a set of tools and professional skills to help them be immediately more effective working with, and in, industry. Masterclasses will highlight the importance of their expertise to the commercial world, and individual and group exercises will offer practical ways for researchers to engage with companies and become confident in using the language of business.



25th January, 14.00-16.00

1st February, 14.00-16.00

8th February 14.00-16.00

15th Februay 14.00-16.00

22nd February 14.00-16.00

1st March July 14.00-16.00


Delivery: by Skillfluence and industry partners

Mode of delivery: Zoom 


Book your place on 'Connecting with industry' by clicking here.